About me

I'm a French student in Bachelor IT.
(Administration and Security of Systems and Networks)
Passionate about computer science since my youngest age, I decided to study IT.
I enjoy facing problems and find solutions to fix them. During my free time, I spend time doing
research about networks, development, new technologies and mainly in cybersecurity.
I also participate in CTFs and challenges on platforms like root-me and hack the box

Bachelor ASR

Administration and Security of Systems and Networks

BTS SIO (IT Services to Organizations)

General Scientific Baccalaureate

Speciality : Computer & Digital Sciences


I created this blog to share my knowledge. New topics will be added based on my learning.

Cybersecurity - Web vulnerabilities

The web is the main gateway for hackers. In this article, we will discover the main web vulnerabilities, how to detect and exploit them. This article is not finished.

Cybersecurity - Email Encryption

Email is the most used means of communication nowadays. I'll show you how to send encrypted mails with Gmail using FlowCrypt.

Tools - Nmap

Nmap is one of the most used tools in the world of security. I will present this scanner and the different options that we can use.


Technology - Blockchain

The blockchain is a recent technology that we hear a lot about. After 3 months of project on the subject, I decided to share with you the knowledge that I acquired.

Cybersecurity - Social Engineering

The main flaw of an information system is the users. Through this article, we will present what social engineering is,some examples and protective measures.

Cybersecurity - Forensic Analysis

If you have been the victim of an attack, there are different solutions to react. In this article, I will present the Forensic analysis.


Cybersecurity - Information Gathering

The first step of an attack is the collection of information, to know your target well. If you want to know more aboutOSINT and what are the tools used for information gathering...

Cybersecurity - General Culture

We live in a world where everything is connected and where there are more and more cyber attacks. I decided to make this article available to all to bring some knowledge...

Infosec - Infographics

Here you can find all the infographics I have done, in any area of Infosec. I will update this section regularly. You can use them for your tweets, for your classes ...

Infosec - NFC Mifare

Many public and private actors are increasingly using contactless cards to identify their customers or users. It raises the question of the interest of these cards about the security of the data they represent.

Infosec - Jackpotting

Nowadays, millions of people around the world use ATM machines to make cash withdrawals, deposit money or pay for various services. But what about the safety of these devices?

Infosec - Honeypot

In order to study the behavior of attackers, to discover security flaws and new types of malware, it is necessary to set up malicious behavior analysis systems ...